#mcm #davefranco #aarontaylorjohnson #nicholashoult #cuties #hot #merp

#mcm #davefranco #aarontaylorjohnson #nicholashoult #cuties #hot #merp


[TV리포트=김가영 기자] BOBBY, the ace of “Show Me the Money 3”, revealed his hidden charms. Rapper BOBBY is surely a great performer on stage capable of putting on a powerful performance, full of confidence. You`d be surprised to learn that he is a greater person when you get to know him better.


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Miss this #kitty!! Where r u now?!? 😢

Miss this #kitty!! Where r u now?!? 😢

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Ice bucket challenge part 2 #als #icebucketchallenge #pleasesupport

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Ice bucket challenge Part 1! I accept my challenge from @andrea_jaz and I nominate @_nksr (please don’t get mad at me lol) @banh_ling @anna_sangsokpa @lilyma97 and @peri_winklee #als #icebucketchallenge #pleasesupport!

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pink clouds - ✈ 
pink clouds -  


when you see your ex




i am so sick of this true fan bullshit so lets sum up what a true fan is:

• you like the band
• you like their music

wow look at how simple it is. thats all you need to be a ‘true fan.’

someone finally said it

big byung being serious and nervous for their first stage

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mahalkitakeilyn asked: "When you get this, give five facts about yourself if you want and pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers. c:"

Awww I’m one of your fav followers ^.^ hehe mmmm 5 facts about me….
1. I’m 17 
2. I have 3 pets
3. Love Kpop, Jrock, and 5SOS
4. Love wearing snapbacks and beanies
5. I live in the US